About me
My name is Kate Toms and I live and work in North Devon.

I grew up in a creative environment and have always enjoyed fiddling about making things - a love
of simple, handcrafted decorations inspired me to create a range of my own - and what was a
hobby then went on to become The Angel Bill Trading Co, in 2002.

I also enjoy work as an illustrator of books for the very young.

Working with mixed media, I create decorative pieces for the home. Wooden items are constructed
using basic techniques and tools with a range of simple paint finishes. I like to work with recycled
and vintage textiles and use a variety of techniques including hand, machine and free machine
embroidery, collage and dyeing. Whenever possible I like to incorporate found items into my work.

Much of my inspiration stems from a collection of memories from my own childhood and those of
others; the simple pleasures of playthings of long ago ... much loved items showing the patina of age
and hours of play, objects and images which have fuelled the imagination of children for generations
are those that appear, reinvented, in my simple, endearing and quirky designs.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do making it!

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